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Hello everybody!

It has been a long time since I’ve updated this, and reading back over my youthful ramblings proved pretty entertaining.

I have graduated, I now live in Chicago (as of 9 days ago) and I have a studio space in my apartment. I’m looking at jobs to support my art-making and comedy-class-taking.

I will be having a show in January at the Flat Irons Art Building in Wicker Park. More details as that gets closer.

This is my latest piece, inspired by Botticelli. But isn’t everything? Looking to do some more joyful paintings to match my current state of mind.

Three Graces

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September 7, 2013 · 5:17 pm


So, I’m doing some seriously abstract but fleshy things to get back into some interesting paint usage, becasue everything is feeling/looking too contrived lately.

And, of course, I’m dancing all over it.




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Bak 2 Skool

I have (mostly) moved into my apartment in Northampton! I am living with three of the more wonderful humans in my life. We’ve been sitting and thinking and drinking and singing.

I am about to embark on a project for the semester: 12 paintings, all 4’x8′. One painting a week. When they are placed in a 3×4 grid, they will form a full figure. However, they can be displayed on their own and be individual pieces in their own right.

More on the project and updates to come! Email with any questions or suggestions!

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August Art Auction

The S.P.A.C.E. is currently having its 3rd Annual August Art Auction! The opening reception went swimmingly last night.

Bidding will close at 8 pm on September 2nd. Come in to check out the work and bid at The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in the Soda Plant, 266 Pine Street, Burlington, VT.

OR, if you’re  unable to come in, go to and check out the work there. My piece can be found at this URL:

All proceeds from the auction go to the S.P.A.C.E, a wonderful artist collective environment of which I’m glad to be a part. Wahoo!

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Poster for the opening this Friday (tomorrow)

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Burlington has this wonderful monthly publication, Art Map Burlington, that tells you what shows are going on and what to look for. I’m in it this month!

Click here for the little blurb and check out what else is going on in the area.


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Harry Harry Harry!

I went to see the last cinematic installment of Harry Potter tonight. Preparing to have my childhood end in a firey crash, I bought some Sour Patch Kids and got into the fetal position as soon as the previews started.

I forget an important thing every time that a Harry Potter movie comes out: I don’t like them. BLASPHEMY, you might say. I loved the books; I read them over and over. The movies, though, have so much going on that my brain can’t take in all the stimuli and I just tune it out. If I hadn’t read the books, I would be completely lost. My personal experience of this film can be boiled down to the following grammatically and logically incorrect list/’sentence’ (SPOILER ALERT):

“Ralph Fiennes without a nose, interesting, snake, snake, scar hurts, secret passageway, wow Neville got somewhat attractive, lots of explosions, spells!, that is a force field, I used to think that ‘force field’ was ‘forest field,’ which is a very different concept… dementors, stone guys, they wouldn’t have been as powerful if their sound effects were not as loud, wah wee wah, that girl behind me keeps saying ‘awkward’ about everything, more fighting, this is just silly, why don’t they just find each other, all Hermione does is breathe visibly with tilted eyebrows, ok that girl behind me is getting ridiculous, can I flip her off or is she with her Dad? I really wish she had a bigger vocabulary just to vary her commentary, finally they are making out, oh Ginny! I saw her in London!, (London reveries for an extended period), WHOA DON’T TRY TO LOOK 40 WHEN YOU ARE MY AGE.”

And FIN.

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Can’t Have a Dry Eye

My girlfriend just gave me a CD of Antony and the Johnsons. I’m having a hard time listening to anything else, and I have no shame when I tell you that there is more crying going on in my life since Antony’s vocals came in. I just got into the world of internet again and ran to Youtube to find me some more. I was going to call it ear candy, but it’s probably more like ear soup or ear avocado or ear molasses. THEN I FOUND THIS. My favorite diva and my current obsession. Together. It’s like that day when I realized salsa con queso was a thing.

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Who the Who?

Lately, I’ve been nerding out pretty hardcore over a book I bought in London with what should have been my food budget that week. It’s called “Letters of the Great Artists” and contains over a thousand pages of letters by the big guys (and, I must mention, only guys) from Rafael to Pollock. While understanding the problematic nature of this lack documentation of female artists, I have found a huge amount of useful information in the book. The letters are to friends, family, and patrons; they discuss practice, technique, subject matter, and the artists’ lives.

Zeroing in on Picasso (because he is a cliche for a reason and his paintings tend to make me burst into spontaneous dances of joy), I have been working on paintings using some of his reasoning. This is my attempt at paraphrasing one of his points that resonates with me the most, made in conversation with Christian Zervos:

There is no such thing as truly abstract art. (Why, Pablo, would you say something so general and bold? Other than the fact that you are a genius? Oh, that’s why? Ok, tell me more) Each work of art begins with an inspiration from an object or image. Picasso himself would paint an image and, instead of building it up and adding to it as most painters do, he performed a series of deconstructions. Eventually, the image may not bear any resemblance to the object from which it came. However, it will retain the vibration of the existence of the initial form. WHOA.

[Side note: Does this relate to how we fight for years as adolescents to be completely independent and deconstruct the programming our parents have imparted, only to realize later that our political beliefs and teeth-brushing habits align exactly with theirs?]

Here is an example of how I have been attempting to make Picasso not just my homeboy, but teacher. I painted a face and then made it into a geometric daydream (The one on the left has lines to help illustrate the initial shapes):


Then, turning it sideways so I could concentrate not just on the nostril, but on the shapes themselves, I did another, larger draft where I tried to make it a more cohesive composition. When I turned that one back vertically, it ended up looking like this:

Does this retain the vibration of her existence? Is it fleshy? Does it also enjoy the movie “The Color Purple”? Does it have cats? Or is it just a random geometric land? I will keep experimenting.

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